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Writing a Book


Dear Sir / Madam

In case you are in the process of writing a textbook or a monograph we would like to discuss possibilities of considering working together to publish your work.

Agrobios (India) is a highly respected publisher of books in Agricultural and Biological Sciences wishes to Commission College / University Teachers / Professors to develop undergraduate / graduate textbooks and research monographs in all areas of Life sciences and Agricultural Sciences as per the respective Universities syllabi.

Agrobios (India) will provide resource material where ever required and offer a publishing contract for proposals that are approved. As the published books will be marketed globally, they will be time bound projects.

Please do write or email us with brief details about the proposal and yourself:

About the Proposal:

  1. Proposed Title
  2. Under Graduate or Postgraduate
  3. Tentative Table of Contents (Chapter Headings)
  4. A Brief Synopsis in about 200 words
  5. Approximate number of pages of the manuscript
  6. Name(s) of University(ies) whose syllabi is covered

About Yourself:

  1. Full name with initials
  2. Designation
  3. Official Address with Pin Code
  4. Telephone No.: Landline (Office and home) and Mobile
  5. Email Id
  6. Details of any book(s) you may have already published
Agrobios (India) will be happy to hear from you and look forward to your communication

With best wishes

Editorial Team
Email: editorial@agrobiosonline.com