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Weedy Aquatic Plants: Their Utility, Menace And Management

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Dr. (Prof.) Gupta OP


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The objective of this book is to introduce to readers the (i) multifarious problems created by excessive growth of aquatic plants in our canals, lakes, ponds, drainage channels, lowland paddies, and other aquatic situations, leading to huge economic losses to the Nation year after year and (ii) various options available with us to curb these to within harmless levels. Thus far, these aquatic plant management options have been developed and used on field scale only in certain advanced countries of the world. We, in India, have yet to think about a constructive strategy to deal with this enormous problem by suitable Research and Development (R&D) procedures.
Presently, the research on aquatic weed management conducted in India has been largely based on laboratory studies, with little, if any, long term field-testing and development in the problematic waterbodies. In other words, the combined R&D efforts are completely lacking, except in 1-2 cases of biological control of specific aquatic weeds. This is a very unfortunate state of affairs. We require in the country 2-3 specialised centers for research and development each in (i) biological control, (ii) mechanical control, and (iii) mass utilization of aquatic weeds, supported by several field testing stations in different Agricultural Universities. The present book provides adequate subject matter to make 
a concrete beginning on these lines in the country.
Further, it seems no Agricultural University in the country offers even one course on the management of excessive aquatic plants. It is high time that a beginning is made in creating a course on this burning problem so that at least some students get oriented towards devoting to aquatic weed management in right earnestness. The present book provides the latest text available for formulating and conducting a post-graduate level course on aquatic weed management.

Dr. (Prof.) Gupta OP

Dr. O.P. Gupta was born on 19th September 1933 at Delhi. He obtained his Ph.D. degree in Agronomy from the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, with research specialisation in Weed Science in 1960.
Dr. Gupta started his career as Assistant Professor of Agronomy at the GBPAU Pant Nagar, now in Uttaranchal. He then shifted in 1961 to the erstwhile University of Udaipur, Udaipur, which was later reconstituted as the Rajasthan Agricultural University at Bikaner. In 1970, Dr. Gupta visited the USA for his Post-Doctoral work in Agronomy (Weed Science). The author again went abroad as Visiting Professor of Agronomy during 1976 to 1979. Upon his return he was offered Professorships at the Agricultural Universities in Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat, and Afghanistan. Dr. O.P. Gupta  retired as Professor and Director Research from the unbifurcated RAU, Bikaner in 1993.
Dr. O.P. Gupta spent his academic lifetime pursuing research in weed science. He strongly professed the importance of ecological approach to weed management and need to use herbicides as complements, and not as substitutes, to the Good Crop Husbandry Practices in agriculture. Dr. Gupta published over 60 research papers on different agronomic aspects of weed science, including on aquatic weed management. Also, he directed great part of his life in teaching postgraduate courses in weed science and guiding his M.Sc. and Ph.D. students of Agronomy.
Dr. Gupta received his Lifetime Achievement Award from Indian Society of Weed Science in the year 2010. He has been for several years on the ICAR, New Delhi committees relating to weed science like the Research Advisory Committees and the Quinquennial Review Teams. He has also been on the selection committees of ASRB, New Delhi, both before and after his retirement from the university services.
Dr. Gupta continues to be active till date in promoting weed science through his books like the present one, besides having been the chairmen of vice chancellor search committee.
Table of Contents..
  1. Introduction
  2. Propagation, Dispersal, and Kinds of Aquatic Plants
  3. Common Aquatic Plans
  4. Survey of Problem Aquatic Plants in India
  5. Aquatic Plant Management Strategies
  6. Physical and Utilization Control of Excessive Aquatic Vegetation
  7. Herbicidal Control of Excessive Aquatic Plants
  8. Biological Control of Excessive Aquatic Plants
  9. Aquatic Plant Management in Pisciculture
  10. Aquatic Plant Management in Irrigation Systems
  11. Noxious Aquatic Plants and their Control
  12. Appendices
  13. Subject Index

Table of Contents..
Weedy Aquatic Plants: Their Utility, Menace and Management
Chapter - 1.
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Weedy Aquatic Plants: Their Utility, Menace And Management
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