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Plant Tissue Culture And Genetic Engineering NEW

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Dr. Manju Sharma , Dr. Machiavelli Singh


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ISBN:   9789394380608
Publishing Year:   2023

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This book presents an overview of plant tissue culture with its practical applications and plant genetic engineering is my beloved child delivered after incubation of more than 20 years. In puts of my students and positive criticism of my teachers as well as peers has really made a great contribution to develop critical analytical approach towards imbibing the concepts. I express my heartfelt indebtedness to all of them for keeping me active for improvement of the text. Still the book has further scope of improvement as such I shall appreciate the suggestions and constructive criticism for its betterment. The objective of the book is to prepare the students to gain essential knowledge about basics of subject and develop analytical approach towards gaining knowledge. 

This text cum reference book is covering the entire width of subject matter in two section and eighteen chapters. Whereas the first section is focusing on the fundamentals of plant tissue culture and its methods. The first chapter deals with the introduction and history of plant tissue culture, the second chapter describes the principles of growth in vitro studies i.e., plant tissue culture. The third chapter illustrates the organisation of plant tissue culture and biotechnology laboratory. The fourth chapter discusses the type and composition of plant tissue culture medium. The fifth chapter covers the concept of sterilisation and disinfection. The sixth chapter focuses on the study of plant growth regulators. The seventh chapter highlights the various methods of in vitro plant regeneration. The eighth chapter explains the technique of micropropagation. The ninth chapter includes the instances of somaclonal variation for crop improvement. The tenth chapter elaborates on the method of embryo rescue (embryo culture). The chapter eleven deals with the haploid production. The basic method of in vitro pollination and fertilization dealt with in the twelfth chapter. The chapter thirteen discussed the basic principles of protoplast isolation, culture and fusion, while fourteenth chapter cover the aspects of germplasm conservation.

The second section covers the aspects of plant genetic engineering and practical applications of agriculture biotechnology. The fifteenth chapter explains various methods of Gene transfer in plants.  The sixteenth chapter looks on advancements of genome editing and CRISPR technology in plants, seventeenth chapter covers the status of transgenic crops in India. Eighteenth chapter summarises the aspects of plant-based vaccines technology: multi-epitopic vaccines and immune molecules. It also focuses on COVID-19 challenge and s herbal therapies. This followed by and extensive glossary and bibliography.

Dr. Manju Sharma

Table of Contents..

1. History of Plant Tissue Culture

2. Plant Tissue Culture: Principles of Growth

3. Organization:

Plant Tissue culture and Biotechnology Laboratory

4. Plant Tissue Culture Media

5. Sterilization and Disinfection

6. Plant Growth Regulators

7. In Vitro Plant Regeneration

8. Micropropagation

9. Somaclonal Variation

10. Embryo Rescue (Embryo Culture)

11. Haploid Production

12. In Vitro Pollination and Fertilization

13. Protoplast Isolation, Culture and Somatic Hybridization

14. Germplasm Conservation

15. Methods of Gene Transfer in Plants

16. Genome Editing

17. Transgenic Crops: Status in India

18. Plant-based Vaccines Technology

19. Glossary

20. Bibliography

Table of Contents..

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Plant Tissue Culture And Genetic Engineering NEW
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